Buddhism in Sinhalese Society, 1750-1900: A study of Religious Revival and Change

AUTHOR: Kitsiri Malalgoda
FORMAT: Paperback
AVAILABILITY: Published by Tambapanni Academic Publishers, 2023 – Buy Now

Buddhism in Sinhalese Society, 1750-1900: A Study of Religious Revival and Change is the most comprehensive and authoritative book on the complex changes and ruptures that took place within institutional Buddhism at the height of western colonial expansion in Sri Lanka. Beginning his narrative 46 years before the British arrival in Sri Lanka, it proceeds to describe the Portuguese, Dutch and British colonial intrusions and expansion in the country and the nature of their encounters with local socio-political conditions, which radically transformed and refashioned local conditions, leaving a profound impact on Buddhism as an institution. He provides a vivid and clear account of the emergence of the internal divisions within the Sangha and the birth of new fraternities that have now become a part of contemporary Buddhism’s institutional personality.

Kitsiri Malalgoda (1942-2019) was Professor of Sociology at University of Auckland, New Zealand.