Many publishers offer open source books, which can be downloaded free of charge by any interested readers.  Open source books are a significant source of knowledge. However, everything free is not of equal value.   What follows is a selection of the TAP editorial team of open source books from a number of global academic publishers on a variety of themes of interest. Some resonate with current concerns such as protests over racism and statues of slavers in cities, others offer insights into perennial issues such as religious offence and yet others take us to uncharted territories and the distant past. We have also collected some recent Open access books that deal more specifically with Sri Lanka.

This list will be updated regularly. Enjoy the read!

Citizen Outsider
Children of North African immigrants in France
By Jean Beaman

Policing the Planet
Eds., Jordan T. Camp and Christina Heatherton

The End of Policing
By Alex S. Vitale

Emergence of Infectious Diseases
Eds., Serge and Muriel Figuié

Rewriting Buddhism:Pali Literature and Monastic Reform in Sri Lanka, 1157–1270
By Alastair Gornall

The Politics and Poetics of Authenticity: A Cultural Genealogy of Sinhala Nationalism
By Harshana Rambukwella

Modernizing Composition: Sinhala Song, Poetry, and Politics in Twentieth-Century Sri Lanka
By Garrett Field

Sri Lanka at the Crossroads of History
Eds., Zoltán Biedermann and Alan Strathern

A Fragile Inheritance. Radical Stakes in Contemporary Indian Art
By Saloni Mathur

Outrage: The Rise of Religious Offence in Contemporary South Asia
Eds., by Paul Rollier, Kathinka Frøystad, and Arild Engelsen Ruud

The Wild East: Criminal Political Economies in South Asia
Eds., Barbara Harriss-White and Lucia Michelutti

The Emergence of Modern Hinduism: Religion on the Margins of Colonialism
By Richard S. Weiss

Translating Wisdom: Hindu-Muslim Intellectual Interactions in Early Modern South Asia
By Shankar Nair

Buddhist and Islamic Orders in Southern Asia: Comparative Perspectives
By Michael Feener et al

Across Anthropology: Troubling Colonial Legacies, Museums, and the Curatorial
Eds., Margareta von Oswald and Jonas Tinius (a preface by Arjun Appadurai and an afterword by Roger Sansi)

Heritage Futures: Comparative Approaches to Natural and Cultural Heritage Practices
Rodney Harrison, Caitlin DeSilvey, Cornelius Holtorf, Sharon Macdonald, Nadia Bartolini, Esther Breithoff, Harald Fredheim, Antony Lyons, Sarah May, Jennie Morgan, and Sefryn Penrose

Remains of the Soviet Past in Estonia: An Anthropology of Forgetting, Repair and Urban Traces
By Francisco Martinez