An independent publisher of innovative non-fiction based in Colombo, Tambapanni Academic Publishers specialize in the humanities and social sciences, covering the complete publication spectrum from monographs to edited volumes.

We publish original and pioneering works relevant to Sri Lanka and South Asia, ranging from history to anthropology to architecture. Our publications are for the global, regional and Sri Lankan reader and we are committed to the highest editorial standards. While academic in nature, many books on our list are also of interest to a general readership.

Our commitment to the diffusion of ideas across languages means we are supporting a niche program of translations of key works into Sinhala, and in the future we plan to do this into Tamil as well.

TAP has a dual mandate in keeping with its location in the global South: it is deeply committed to answering the need of readers in Sri Lanka for scholarly works of excellence at an affordable price, and it is dedicated to hands-on working with talented new authors, providing them with a gateway to global recognition.

Tambapanni Academic Publishers (Pvt) Limited was incorporated as a  private limited liability company in Sri Lanka in 2020 bearing company registration number PV 00222084.