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Wickramasinghe, Nira. Slave in Palanquin: Colonial Servitude and Resistance in Sri Lanka, 2021. Colombo: Tambapanni Academic Publishers. ISBN 9786245629018

~ Tamara Fernando, Jesus College, Cambridge  The names Vijayabhahu, Dutugamunu, and S.W.R.D. Bandaranayake are likely more familiar to the student of Sri Lankan history than Kedoe, Selestina and Cander Wayreven. Who were these three, and why are their life histories not better known? For one thing, all of them were slaves. The 23-year-old Kedoe was […]

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Karunanayake, Panduka, Ruptures in Sri Lanka’s Education: Genesis, Present Status and Reflections. Sarasavi Publishers, Nugegoda, 2021. Pp: 280. ISBN 9789553117793. Price LKR 600.00 (softcover).

~ Anushka Kahandagamage, University of Otago  Panduka Karunanayake’s new book,  Ruptures in Sri Lanka’s Education: Genesis, Present Status and Reflections is a timely intellectual intervention with a great deal of discussion on education in the country and how it should be reformed. In a scenario where state proposals for education reforms are often based on […]

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Being a Slave: Histories and Legacies of European Slavery in the Indian Ocean (Critical, Connected Histories, edited by Alicia Schrikker and Nira Wickramasinghe. Leiden University Press. Paperback: 59.50 $. 298 pages. ISBN-10 : 908728344X

~ Anushka Kahandagamage, University of Otago   The idea of slavery has a long history though it is not an issue that registers routinely in South Asian memory. This is mostly because narratives of the South Asian enslaved have become a blind spot in history. I was fascinated to read Nira Wickramasinghe’s recent book Slave […]

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බුදුන්වහන්සේගේ සිට ක්‍රිෂ්ණා දෙවිඳුන් කරා ජෝර්ජ් කීට්ගේ ජීවිතය හා යුගය

යශෝධරා  දල්මියා (පරිවර්තනය:  අවන්ති උපේක්ෂා කලංසූරිය, හිර්න්‍යදා දේවසිරි, ඵූසතී ලියනාරච්චි,  අනුශ්කා කහඳගම සහ සසංක පෙරේරා. ඉන්දීය කලා ඉතිහාසඥවරියක වන යශෝධරා දල්මියා විසින් ලියන ලද මේ කෘතිය සුප්‍රසිද්ධ ශ්‍රී ලාංකේය චිත්‍ර ශිල්පී ජෝර්ජ් කීට් පිළිබඳව ලියැවී ඇති විස්තරාත්මක ම කෘතිය ව්වේ. එමගින් දකුණු ආසියා කලාපයේ චිත්‍ර  භාවිතය තුළ නූතනවාදයේ බිහිවීම ගවේෂණය කරන්නේ ජෝර්ජ් කීට් ගේ චිත්‍ර […]

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සිනමාව සහ යටත්විජිතවාදය: ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ හත්වන සිනමාවේ ආරම්භය (1896-1928) – පළමු වෙලුම සහ සිනමාව සහ ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ වාර්ගික ගැටුම: දේශීය සිංහල සිනමාවක් කරා (1928 සිට වර්තමානය දක්වා)

විලාස්නී තම්පෝ-හුටින් වෙලුම් දෙකකින් සමන්විත වූ මේ කෘති එකතුවේ පළමු වෙලුමෙන් අවධාරණය කරණුයේ 1896 සිට 1928 දක්වා වූ කාලය තුළ දිගහැරුන ලංකාවේ සිනමා වංශකතාවේ මුල් යුගයේ එංගලන්තයෙන් හා ඉන්දියාවෙන් ලැබුන දායකත්වය  පිළිබඳවය. එහිදී විශේෂයෙන් අවදාරණය වන්නේ මේ දෙරට ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ සිනාමාවේදයට අවැසි වූ යටිතල පහසුකම් සැපයූ ආකාරය හා මෙරට සිනමාවට අණුප්රාණය ලබාදුන් ආකාරය පිළිබඳවය. දෙවන […]

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The Adapatable Peasant: Agrarian Society in Western Sri Lanka under Dutch Rule, 1740-1800

By Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri The Adaptable Peasant  investigates the structural changes in western Sri Lanka’s agrarian society under the administration of the Dutch United East India Company (VOC) in the mid-eighteenth century.  Drawing from an array of Dutch language sources, it attempts to reconstruct the encounter between the Company and two major historical actors in  […]

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Colonialism in Layers: Sri Lanka in the Age of Revolutions (1780-1815)

By Alicia Schrikker This book looks at the history of Dutch and British colonial intervention in Sri Lanka between 1780-1815. It unravels colonialism’s layers as they had evolved during different phases of colonial transition in Sri Lanka and shows how traditional historical periodization has made colonial continuities and legacies invisible. While from the perspective of […]

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Imagining Modernity. The Architecture of Valentine Gunasekara – Anoma Pieris

This book is a detailed study of the architecture of Valentine Gunasekara (1931-2017). It provides an innovative lens to understand the formation of a Ceylonese middle-class, which was inspired by the post-independence desire for modernity. Their experiments, values and dynamic social history are the framework for this research. Although neglected by his peers and marginalized […]

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