Assembling Ethnicities in Neoliberal times: Ethnographic Fictions and Sri Lanka’s War

AUTHOR: Nimanthi Perera Rajasingham
FORMAT: Paperback
First published by Northwestern University Press in 2019
AVAILABILITY: Published 2022 – Buy Now

“Situated at the intersection of capitalism and (post)-colonial racialisation in the context of globalisation and neoliberalism, and opening lines of inquiry otherwise occluded or uncaptured by a single-axis framework, Perera-Rajasingham’s book is an outstanding contribution to studies of Sri Lanka, South Asia, postcolonialism, race, ethnicity and globalisation. A significant achievement, Assembling Ethnicities is theoretically profound, methodologically innovative and elegantly written — with a political commitment alert to the potentials and tenuousness of restorative justice. This book will be especially useful for upper-level undergraduates and scholars interested in politics, literature, anthropology, economics, race and ethnicity, in both colonial and postcolonial contexts.” —Manav Ratti, Wasafiri

NIMANTHI PERERA-RAJASINGHAM is an associate professor of English and Women’s Studies at Colgate University.